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Drum Circle: rhythm games and shaker fun

with Jim (grades K - 12)


Primary Goals
  • Personal expression and enjoyment
  • Engagement and group participation
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-awareness and regulation
  • Listening and responding
  • Fine or gross motor skills
  • Attention or memory skills
  • Sensory awareness and integration
  • Critical or creative thinking
  • Development in other academic subject through art
Experience the enjoyment and engagement of music together. We will create positive social interaction and space for sharing, augmented by music, and focused on fun!


Supports Wisconsin Standards for Music in General Music, as well as academic area standards for chosen integrated subjects:
-Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice
-Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education
-Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies

Integrated Subjects include World Languages, Science, Social Science, Physical Education, Math, History, and Geography