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ARTS for ALL Wisconsin Choirs

Participation in AFA choirs provide opportunities for people with and without disabilities to engage in the performing arts while boosting self-esteem and destigmatizing the lives of those living with disabilities. Many of our choir members have been with their choir for over a decade and rely on the socialization and structure that the rehearsals and performances provide in their lives. Choir members also learn about pitch, tone, rhythm, movement, and composition. Some choirs use instruments, such as tone chimes, drums and rhythm sticks to broaden the musical experience and maximize participation by everyone.

New members are always welcome.

In brief, all in-person participants, teaching artists, and other regularly attending people are encouraged to:

  • wear masks when indoors unless prohibited by disability
  • report COVID symptoms

To find out more contact or call 608-241-2131

"I learned that I'm not alone. I'm not the only person with disabilities."

- Madison Choir Member

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