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Veterans Arts Studios

ARTS for ALL Wisconsin’s Veterans Arts Studios were formed in partnership with Vet Centers in Wisconsin to engage veterans with disabilities in art making experiences. Veterans programs are free, and expanding to welcome veterans with disabilities from the public as well as Vet Center clients.


Once-a-week sessions last six to eight weeks.

Vets Art Group

Visual Art with Jessi & Christy*

Art making in a community setting allows veterans to create new connections with other participants, giving them freedom to share their stories in a creative and safe environment. This group will have an open-studio format with the opportunity to learn new art techniques.

At the start of each session there will be a short demonstration to introduce a new art technique. The teaching artist will also ensure time for participants to share their personal or acquired techniques with the group if desired.

Jessi and Christy will alternate each week as instructor

Fridays from 12 - 1:30 pm

Sept 16 - October 21


Transformational Writing for Vets

Creative Writing with Beth

Explore the rich world of writing and storytelling. Participants will share poems and short stories to connect to themselves and others and explore different ways writing can move energy and ushers in peace and perspective.

No experience needed! Bring yourself, a pen, paper, and a curious heart.

*This class meets outdoors at Tenney Park. In the case of inclement weather, class will be held at the ARTS for ALL Art Center.

Mondays from 10:30 am - 12 pm

Sept 12 - October 17


Storycrafting for Vets (Online)

Creative Writing with Beth

You have a story.

It lives inside you.

It may feel like
buzzing bees sometimes or like a concrete block at other times.

Crafting your story
moves the energy; unplugs, quiets, and lightens.

This is your
invitation to move that story from your heart, mind, gut to your lips, the
page, or a larger platform. 

You will receive:

*4 different ways to start assembling your story

*At least one complete story of your own

*Encouragement from other storytellers

*The chance to test-run your own short story in a small and safe setting

assembling, and sharing (even a little bit of) your story promises to be
healing, awakening and transformational...for yourself first, and others

Tuesdays from 4 - 5 pm

Sept 13 - October 22



Bucky on Parade Figure - Full Fatigues

Full Fatigues

Artist: Madison Vet Center/ARTS for ALL Wisconsin

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