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Veterans Arts Studios

ARTS for ALL Wisconsin’s Veterans Arts Studios were formed in partnership with the Vet Centers in Madison and Wausau to engage veterans with physical, mental, emotional or behavioral disabilities in art-making experiences to accomplish specific goals, objectives, and outcomes.


Create solo and/or collaborative projects in watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, creative writing and more. Let your imagination soar! Contact Jenn Sluga at (608) 264-5342 to confirm eligibility. The target audience is military veterans seeking services at the Vet Center in Madison.

"I have witnessed not only growth in creative skill as we build from basic to complex, but growth in social and emotional confidence."

Christy Grace, Teaching Artist Vets’ Art Studio - Madison


Veterans in and around Wausau can make new connections with people who understand what it means to be a Veteran. For more information, please contact us at (608) 241-2131.

"Central and Northern Wisconsin don’t have a lot to offer service members by way of community. Our troops go overseas and experience a true sense of brotherhood, then lose that connection at home. The veterans who walk through the door and come to the Vets’ Art Studio are creating a community together. It lifts everyone’s spirits and helps us carry on, all over the therapeutic creation of art."

Jessica Kopecky, Teaching Artist Vets’ Arts Studio - Wausau

Bucky on Parade Figure - Full Fatigues

Full Fatigues

Artist: Madison Vet Center/ARTS for ALL Wisconsin

Support for Veterans Arts Studios has been provided by

Support for the Madison Veterans Arts Studio comes from TASC, and National Guardian Life

Support for Wausau Veterans Arts Studio comes from WPS Insurance, the Nelson G. and Vera C. Hicks Charitable Foundation, the Emmerich Properties Fund, and the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.