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Fantastic Creatures Invented and Real: Mixed media art 

with Patrizia (grades K - 12)


Primary Goals
  • Personal expression and enjoyment
  • Engagement and group participation
  • Social skills or peer interaction
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-awareness and regulation
  • Listening and responding
  • Fine or gross motor skills
  • Attention or memory skills
  • Sensory awareness and integration
  • Critical or creative thinking
  • Development in other academic subject through art
  • Good Work Habits
We will explore fantastic beings throughout history (Greek mythology) and real ones (animal kingdom). Each class I will read a story related to the specific activity and students will learn to represent their fantastic creature using a new medium and a new technique. Techniques include: sculpture making with found objects, wire sculptures, stenciling, printing, collage.


Supports Wisconsin Standards for Art and Design, as well as academic area standards for chosen integrated subjects:

-World Languages
-Social Studies
-English Language Arts

Integrated Subjects include Literary Arts, Geography, History, World Languages