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StoryScape: Creative Story Writing and Sharing

with Beth (grades 6 - 12)


Primary Goals
  • Personal expression and enjoyment
  • Engagement and group participation
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-awareness and regulation
  • Sensory awareness and integration
  • Social skills or peer interaction
  • Listening and responding
  • Attention or memory skills
  • Fine or gross motor skills
  • Critical or creative thinking
  • Career-building skills
  • Good work habits
  • Development in other academic subject through art
This creative and reflective writing class will use examples such as Star Wars, The Matrix, Fairytales etc. to show how each 'hero' walks through phases and makes choices along the way. We will explore the roles we play in stories and the emotions that go with those roles. We will also look at the science behind storytelling, why we are wired for it and how it helps (or not) make sense out of an experience.
Each of us is invited into an adventure. We cross a threshold into a new land, and our story begins…
Stories can be presented/shared in a variety of formats, such as reading, moving/dancing, acting, painting, sharing poetry, and/or working in pairs


Supports Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts, as well as Wisconsin Standards for chosen integrated subjects World Languages, Social Studies, and Science

Integrated Subjects include English Language, Literary Arts, Geography, History, Media Literacy, Social Science, Science, and World Languages