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We're Planning Post-Pandemic Programs. Will you help?

As the landscape of COVID-19 continues to shift and vaccination rates increase, ARTS for ALL Wisconsin is assessing options for future programming, including the potential return of in-person programming in some form. We are looking to you -- participants, teaching artists, families, support agencies, everyone -- to help guide our efforts to offer programs and support that meet the needs of our communities.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions online about the future of programming at ARTS for ALL. You can also download and complete a printed copy. Please mail paper copies to our Madison Art Center at 1709 Aberg Avenue, Suite 1, Madison, WI 53704.

ART for your SPACE.


We have art. You have space. It's a simple equation.

Having art on your walls, whether in your front lobby or a conference room, is the perfect way to introduce creativity and imagination into your space. It gives your staff and colleagues something to admire and talk about. It also supports artists with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. 

And it is all for sale. 70% of each sale goes directly to the artist.

For more information and to arrange a Curated Collection in your space please contact Debra Scheibinger, Art Director.



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