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Textile Paintings: visual stories in textile arts

with Patrizia (grades 5 - 12)


Primary Goals
  • Personal expression and enjoyment
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-awareness and regulation
  • Listening and responding
  • Fine or gross motor skills
  • Critical or creative thinking
  • Good Work Habits
Students will learn to create visual images using a variety of textile techniques such as, sewing, embroidery, beading, and stitching. Students learn to tell their own visual story using all or some of these techniques. We will use sources of inspiration such as: Gees Bend Quilts, outsider artists and current textile artists to serve as point of reference.


Supports Wisconsin Standards for Art and Design, as well as academic area standards for chosen integrated subjects:

-Social Studies
-English Language Arts

Integrated Subjects include Literary Arts, History