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Call For Art

2023 Guidelines


  • Wisconsin residents over the age of 5 who identify as having a disability may submit. Award winners in the past three years may enter art, but those works will only be eligible for Merit awards and cannot be entered into the CREATIVE POWER Collection, an AFA Traveling Exhibition.
  • No documentation or disclosure of disability is necessary to participate.
  • Age Categories are:
    • Child (ages 5-10)
    • Youth (ages 11-15)
    • Young Adult (ages 16-21)
    • Adult (ages 22+)



  • All artwork submitted must be available for inclusion in the CREATIVE POWER Collection, an AFA Traveling Exhibition,  if it is to be awarded. If the artwork has been previously sold or is no longer in the possession of the artist, it should not be entered into the AFA Wisconsin Call for Art.
  • You may submit up to two works of visual art.
  • Visual art submissions may be 2D or 3D, mixed media, in ceramics, acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, drawing, prints, photography, digital media, collage, sculpture, and textiles.
  • Visual art may not exceed 24” x 36” or weigh over 20 pounds. Digital entries must be under four minutes.
  • You can submit any artwork that meets the requirements as long as they have not been submitted to AFA Call for Art previously.
  • Artwork can be submitted either electronically or by shipping/dropping off to AFA Wisconsin. If the artwork is not sent physically to AFA it is not eligible to be included in CREATIVE POWER, but may be considered for a Merit Award.
  • Please remember that if you want your artwork to be for sale we must have it at the Art Center by March 1.



  • An artist’s statement AND artist bio are required.
  • The submission form includes guided questions to help you complete an artist statement and bio.



  • There are two types of awards:
      • If artwork receives a CREATIVE POWER Purchase Award, it will become the property of AFA Wisconsin and enter the CREATIVE POWER Collection for three years.
    • MERIT
      • Merit awards are given to recognize outstanding work, but these works will not be purchased by AFA Wisconsin or be included in the CREATIVE POWER Collection.
  • For more information on awards and prizes, please check out the 2023 CFA Prize Information.

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