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Holiday Cards

Everyone likes getting cards, right?

A holiday card, whether printed or sent digitally, is a great way to connect with your clients, employees, and community. At ARTS for ALL Wisconsin we love helping organizations to meaningfully connect by providing artwork created by artists that we represent to make your card unique.

How it Works

Our Holiday Card program is a simple way to bring original, high-quality artwork to the cards you send out each year.

When you partner with ARTS for ALL Wisconsin to make your holiday card you are directly supporting an artist with a disability in Wisconsin. Each artist is paid a licensing fee and is given wide exposure through your community of customers and employees.

A digital gallery of images of original artwork by an artist with a disability we represent is available below (or the button on the right under Useful Links). You can choose which artwork to use on the card. In return we ask that you provide information about the artist on the card and find a place to share the mission of ARTS for ALL Wisconsin.

The cards can be printed or e-cards and give your organization a way to support artists with disabilities in your community.


What we Ask

Holiday cards are a benefit for organizations that are existing sponsors at $5,000 or above for the year. If an organization is requesting only holiday cards, then we ask for a $500 donation.