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Marleah Grinnell

Marleah Grinnell is from the Madison area. A self-taught artist, she began painting in 2018 at the urging of a friend. Creating art became a form of art therapy to improve her eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, which was lost three years ago, baffling her doctors.

Painting along with her friend while communicating over the phone helps her escape the constant vertigo she experiences. Several times a week they paint together, helping each other when one gets stuck or frustrated and offering encouragement to express their imaginations. Marleah fully immerses herself in every creative work, and often mixes and blends colors and paints with her fingers to bring enjoyment and spontaneity to her strokes. She says, "Painting familiar subjects with a touch of unconventional color is magical to me. I get lost in expressive brushstrokes, textures and vibrancy." Marleah's work is inspired by the outdoors and she has always delighted in her deep emotional connection with nature. Naturally curious, as a child she spent her time examining plants, reptiles and insects, with her dad’s magnifying glass. She was allowed the freedom to roam and observe behavior of birds, animals and fish. Marleah’s approach to painting was shaped by those early experiences. Her artwork conveys those emotions, movement, color and textures.

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