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Pita Daniels

Viroqua, Wisconsin artist and poet Pita Daniels experienced art at home early in his life. Pottery came from his mom, and his dad sketched and created pastel portraits. He was introduced to large scale painting at his work study job in the theater department at MSU in Montana where he painted sets. When Pita relocated to Wisconsin, he took up realistic watercolors while living on Washington Island. Around 2000, he switched to acrylics. Now he lives in Viroqua with his family including his two teenage sons.

“I identify as an Abstract Expressionist,” he says. “I usually let the theme inspire me as I connect with my inner life and use abstraction – lines, color, shape, and movement – to guide me. Painting quiets all the automatic negative thoughts and feelings. I have a chance to feel beautiful and to make something beautiful.  Intense color and simple art best resonate with me. Through my art, I want people to be inspired to enjoy life; to not let the lows take you too low, or the highs too high.”

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